For the Internet Marketer looking for a tried-and-true way of building wealth online...

Here's How I Swiped a 223-Year Old Idea To Make Over $1.5 Million In The Last 12 Months With A Simple "1-Step Funnel"

And how YOU could use this boringly simple strategy to become a 7-figure Media Mogul without owning any products, building complicated funnels or dealing with stressful clients as a freelancer.

After 10+ years as the go-to Marketing Consultant for multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses...

I’ve finally cracked the code...

A simple “1-step funnel” that’s been hiding in plain sight since March 28, 1798 when this one-page piece was first published: 

Now, don’t let its simplicity fool you… 

Because this is, by far, the most powerful funnel I’ve ever seen. 

A funnel that’s generated me over $1.5MM in the last 10 months and could turn you into a modern day, 7-figure Media Mogul.   

And better yet…  

This simple, yet effective, strategy allows you to: 

Finally reap the benefits of the Lifestyle Freedom that attracted you to Internet Marketing in the first place.
Create a solid 7-figure, money printing asset without working 14 hours a day.
Fire all your “headache clients” who need you on-demand 24/7 without worrying about your monthly cash flow.
And generate hundreds of thousands of high-quality leads without complicated funnels, webinars or VSLs.  

These are big claims, I know. 

So let me prove it to you… 

Here’s what happened to my own business since I implemented the 1-Step Funnel strategy and completely abandoned the Marketing Agency business model… 

In the last 10 months alone, I’ve generated over 435,000 leads and more than $1.5 million in revenue for myself WITHOUT any clients or even owning a product to sell. 

And now, I want to help YOU become a Media Mogul and leave behind the high-stress, unfocused and overwhelming  lifestyle of an Internet Marketer without…

Building out complicated funnels that can’t even sell low-ticket offers to warm prospects. 
Creating automated, time-consuming webinars  that never turn into sales. 
Dealing with Facebook shutting ad accounts with no apparent reason. 
Or hopping from one shiny object to the next with no success.  

But before I reveal the “secret sauce” of my 1-Step Funnel...

Who Am I And Why Would You Listen To Me?

Hi, my name is Nate Kennedy

I’ve been in the online marketing world since 2006. 

And, for years, I’ve been the “hired gun” for multiple 7+ figure businesses in a variety of niches like Internet Marketing, Real Estate and Coaching/Consulting. 

So why do they come to me for help? 


I’ve personally built and sold 7 different online businesses with 6, 7 and 8 figure exits.
I’ve spent over $100 million on paid ads for myself and my clients - I know what works and what doesn’t work in advertising. 
And in 2011, I launched a first of its kind Funnel Architect that’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs build online businesses.    

Sam Bakhtiar


"Nate has gotten us more leads than we were getting ourselves and we are getting an 8:1 ROI. Hiring them has been a great investment and NOT an expense."

Travis Sago


"Duuuuuuuude... noooooooow weeeeee taaaaaaaaalkin! Showing lots of leads already. Yeah baby! Nice work. Keep optimizing!"

Paul Alexander


"Nate is managing all our ads. We are paying $1.89 per lead and have gotten 298 new leads in 3 days. We were paying $7 per lead before."

Simply put, I know how to create profitable online businesses from scratch

And most importantly, I've seen ALL kinds of funnels, gimmicks and tactics in the Online Marketing world in the last 15 years.

I know what works, what doesn't, and what's here to stay.

That's why my clients are happy to offer me a $25K/month retainer or even $100K for stand alone funnels...

Which I respectfully decline.  


Because even though I could make more money working with clients...

I wouldn't be able to create a Lifestyle-First Business Model and spend the time with my family like this:

I wouldn’t have the freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the world if I wanted to… 

And I wouldn’t have the time to actually enjoy the things I buy with my hard-earned money…

But let me be honest with you - it wasn’t always like this. 

You see, after jumping from one job to another…

From mortgage broker to surf shop manager and everything in between… 

I realized working for someone else would never help me fulfill my financial dreams.  

I knew I needed to start my own business to achieve the freedom I craved, so that’s what I did almost 15 years ago… 

The result? 

A multi-million dollar empire…

...that crashed and burned in 2008. 

That “failure” left me burned out, disillusioned and lost. 

But today I understand that was a necessary lesson that brought me here today. 

Because it made me decide it was time to stop pursuing shiny objects and focus on building a real asset that's crisis-proof, scalable and time-tested.

And the only business model that fits the bill is one based on monetizing ATTENTION (not products or services).

So hold on to your seat because...

I'm going to show you how monetizing attention is as easy as building a single 1-step funnel.

But first, you need to understand the biggest thing holding you back right now...

"The Internet Marketer Paradox"

If you’re anything like me, you might relate to this… 

Because more than 97% of Online Marketers fall into this trap: 

First, they stumble upon some Online Guru on social media and they fall in love with the freedom and lifestyle they portray.  

 So they decide to pursue that life - the traveling, the freedom, the laptop lifestyle...

 But, very soon, they realize they need a lot of money to afford that lifestyle… 

“All-inclusive resorts in Tulum aren’t cheap man!” 

And even worse, they realize they need money to create that reality BUT they need time to actually enjoy that lifestyle.

This is what I call The Internet Marketer Paradox.

Because they need more clients to make more money and create the lifestyle they want… 

But to make that money, they work 10+ hours a day managing all the complicated funnels and tactics...

So they don't really have the time to enjoy the life they’re creating. 

If you've been down this path like I did...

You probably ended up tied to a business you don’t love and the lifestyle that attracted you to the business in the first place is completely out of reach
You’re overworked, overwhelmed, unfocused…
And you’re barely scraping by working 80 hours per week in front of your computer.

How do I know all this? 

Been there, done that. 

I’ve seen affiliate marketers burning through their savings trying to sell in 7 different niches… 

I’ve seen freelancers struggling to land clients and going back to a 9 to 5… 

And I’ve seen hundreds of burned out and disillusioned Internet Marketers come and go.

Sounds familiar?  

“Ok, Nate. So are you going to show me how to solve this or what?” 


It’s time for you to abandon the "Make Money Online" mindset and become a Media Mogul. 

What Is a "Media Mogul"?

What if you could apply the tried-and-true fundamentals of businesses like newspapers, tv channels and even social media to build your own Media Company

What if you could turn a single-page publication, like the “Phoenomenon” above, into something that makes you money while you sleep? 

Is it really possible? 

Of course.  

And it gets better...

Because your whole business would be based on a simple - yet extremely powerful - 1-Step Funnel. 

And you’ll turn that funnel into a money-printing machine by growing huge audiences of passionate crowds and providing them with opportunities to buy through email. 

That’s it. 

And soon enough, you could be looking at numbers like this...

Now, imagine being able to monetize over 560,000 leads every single day without owning your own product… 

Imagine being able to send out a simple email and turn it into a boatload of cash whenever you want - from wherever you are… 

Can you write a simple email? 

If so, you may never have to worry about your bills or livelihood again… 

Because you’ll leave the Struggling Agency Owner Lifestyle to become a Media Mogul

What’s the difference? 

Here it is...

The Overwhelmed Internet Marketer

Creates complicated funnels that don't work
Depends on needy clients
Spends too much time on "Sales Calls"
Products/services that may or may not "fit the market"
Spends thousands on Copywriting
Spends weeks creating a long-form VSL or Webinar
Owns an unsellable business

The Media Mogul

Uses a simple 1-Step Funnel
No clients
No sales calls
No products
No Copywriting
No Webinars or VSLs
Owns a 7 or 8-figure asset

So how do you make this transition? 

The same way you went from Employee to Entrepreneur - the transition from Internet Marketer to Media Mogul starts with a mindset breakthrough

This is the mindset shift that allowed me to escape the Internet Marketer Paradox…

And allowed me to create a consistent, highly-profitable source of income like this: 

That’s why I’m dedicating the first part of my “1-Step Funnel” Program to giving you the exact step-by-step process to have that breakthrough moment. 

Here's What You'll Learn If We
Accept Your Application:

PART 1: The Media Mindset

The Shifts Required To Go From Basic Marketer to Media Mogul... and why your current business model is turning you into a "high-paid freelancer" and not an Entrepreneur.
Goal Setting: we'll come up with your own personalized, fool-proof roadmap to financial and professional success.
Lifestyle Desire: our goal is for you to create a Lifestyle-First Business that's easy, fun and lucrative - so you can live the lifestyle that attracted you to the business in the first place.
The Who vs How: not knowing this difference is the #1 reason Internet Marketers fail.

PART 2: 1-Step Funnel

The Concept: you'll learn why simplicity is our biggest weapon and how this simple funnel can be the foundation of a 7-figure business.
Examples: I'll pull back the curtains to show you real-life, battle tested examples of 1-step funnels that are working today.
Funnel Setup: this is the implementation phase where I'll walk you step-by-step and show you exactly how to build your own funnel regardless of the niche you work in.
Tools of the Trade: I'm going to give you my "toolbox" and show you the most cost-effective tools to create, automate and scale your Media Company.

PART 3: Your Money Makers

Ways To Get Paid: How to generate a 7-figure income with no products... no complicated funnels... and no clients.
Daily Revenue Opportunities: How to setup a system that gets you paid everyday - and while you sleep - with the 1-Step Funnel.
Who To Work With To Get Paid The Most: the strategic partnerships with people and businesses with deep pockets who'll be knocking on your door ready to hand you money-making opportunities.
Tracking Your Data To Make More Money: How to interpret your data as a Media Company (not like other online businesses) for explosive growth and scalability.

PART 4: The "News" Media Model

How To Leverage Other People's Content by ethically "swiping" their content and turning them into money-generating content for your business.
How To Keep Daily Authority and Money: the #1 strategy to create consistent cash flow with minimum attention from your part.
Most Profitable Layouts: get your hands on the same email and landing page layouts that have generated over $1.3 Million dollars in the last 10 months.
When and How to Email People according to data collected from over 23 million emails in 3 months.
Money Placements: how to find strategic "money placements" that increase your revenue and don't require more time or effort from you.

PART 5: Scalable Traffic

The Best Place To Get Traffic: the shocking truth about traffic and how to explore the most profitable - yet underutilized - traffic source.
Monetize Traffic On Day 1 and why this is one of the only business models that allow you to monetize (profitably) from day 1.
How To Instantly Reduce Your Cost By 50% with a little-known traffic secret that I've been hiding for months and will share with my students only.
Retargeting Profits: How to turn "no's" into profit with retargeting.
Paid Traffic Trainings: Need help running paid traffic? I've got you covered with in-depth, detailed training for the best traffic platforms to use today.

And you might not realize this yet, but...

You're Standing At An Intersection Right Now

And you have two options

Two different paths that will lead you to two completely different lives. 


... you close this page right now and pretend you never saw this. 

You'll simply live a continuation of your current life...
You'll go back to clients who are ready to suck all the energy out of you without a drop of appreciation for your work.
You'll continue to live as a "high-paid freelancer" even though your Instagram bio says "Entrepreneur."
And you'll end up - very soon - feeling completely overworked and burned out from everything.

Is this what you want?

Or you can choose ...


Which is, in several aspects, the easiest choice to make.


Because you're simply saying YES to yourself.

"Yes, I deserve to own a business that affords me the travels, the toys and the time to enjoy my lifestyle."
"Yes, I'm ready to become a Media Mogul - with real assets - who's in control of my own time and schedule."
"Yes, I want to be able to spend more time with my loved ones and abandon the high-stress, overworked lifestyle of an agency owner."

But the truth is, I can’t make this choice for you. 

And all you need to do RIGHT NOW is send in your application and schedule a time to talk to me. 

No hard-selling or making you uncomfortable. 

We can talk it through, see if you’re a good fit for this - I only accept 1 out of 3 applications…

And I’ll show you exactly how you can become a 7-figure lifestyle-driven business owner

What Happens After You Click To Apply?

Once you click the link above, you'll land on a secure page that looks like this:

This is where you'll pick the best time to chat with myself or one of my consultants (again, no hard-pressure, "salesy" calls here) ...

Then you'll move on to the second step:

There'll be a short application for you to fill out (it takes less than 3 minutes)...

We just need to know if you're a good fit for this and if you'll actually benefit from working with us

NOW Is The Time To Get In If You're...

Tired of chasing “shiny objects” and want to create a long-lasting, well-grounded business with a proven model. 
Sick of enrolling in courses and coaching programs with ZERO access to the experts themselves. Here you’ll learn DIRECTLY from me (Nate Kennedy) with live calls. 
Struggling with Facebook ad account blocks for yourself and/or your clients and want to rely on a different profitable platform like email. 
Missing time with your family because your current business model is taking up all your time
And this is your opportunity to be ahead of the curve and learn this revolutionary system that’s generating well over 7 figures for myself without any clients and - trust me - no one else in the market is teaching this YET.

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